90-Day Money-Back

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

No Strings Attached

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Talk is cheap! We like to put our money where our mouth is. SAVVY Creditfy promise to you is that if we are unable to remove a negative item of significance from your credit report within the first 90 days (3 Rounds), we will refund your monthly fees.

This guarantee is put into effect upon the third round of disputes and updates from your enrollment. The refund shall not exceed the amount you have paid to us during the first 3 rounds of your membership.

No company in our business can predict a specific outcome, the results are strictly between the bureaus and the creditors of your negative items. Are dispute process is designed to maximize the probability of results. However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive results in the allotted time frame

SAVVY Creditfy offers this guarantee because we are confident in our knowledge and expertise in the industry. We want our clients to feel comfortable and confident in our abilities when they sign up with us.

At SAVVY Creditfy, we strive to provide you with excellent customer service, and to us, you are not just a number. We want you to feel like family, and we dedicate ourselves to assisting you so you can achieve any of the financial goals you have set.

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