How It Works

Step One


It’s easy to get started on your path to a healthier credit score; All you need to do is sign up! Simply fill out our signup form and follow the instructions.

Step Two

Meet Your Specialist

After filling out the form and clicking submit, your information will be forwarded to your new credit coach. Your credit coach will reach out to you from their direct line so you can worry less about calling 1-800 numbers and focus more on learning. Your dedicated credit coach will send you the details of your client portal so you can complete the necessary tasks to get started!

Step Three


After completing the prompted tasks in your customer portal, you will be asked to order your credit report. Once you have your credit report, you and your credit coach will go over your report in detail to pinpoint your credit issues and also begin constructing a game plan to get you the results you need.

Step Four

The Dispute Process

Our processing team will begin to challenge any negatively impacting items on your credit report and send your first round of disputes within the first 24 hours of your enrollment. The dispute process automatically continues in 35-day cycles to maximize the probability of achieving the desired results.

Leave your credit repair to the experts

Our professionals are always available to assist you.